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item number photo description price
001PU 7 pc set of Mammoth Hunters’ Paleolithic art (20,000 – 25,000 years BC), realistic face carving. D. Věstonice, mammoth sculpture. Předmostí u Přerova, Venus of Věstonice, D. Věstonice, fired clay animal sculptures, bear, small mammoth, lioness’ head, D. Věstonice, carved man’s head “puppet,” Brno.
Finish: plaster, epoxy resin
4200 CZK
002PU Set of 4 pc cast copy of early Paleolithic art – Magdalene (15,000 – 20,000 years BC). Sculpture of a jumping horse, from Abri Montastruc France, sculpture of a bison with his head turned, perfect representation of movement, La Madeleine, France, sculpture of stylized mammoth, Bruniquel, France, drilled antler, decorated with etching of a bear; the Pekárna Cave in Moravia.
Finish: epoxy resin
3400 CZK
003NU Set of 2 pc cast copy of Neolithic art (5,000 years old), Venus from Střelice na Moravě, size 22cm, Venus from Hluboke Mašůvky u Znojma, size 31cm.
Finish: plaster
460 CZK
004UB Bronze horse cast copy; sample of the Bronze Age art (1,000 yrs. BC); Obřany u Brna, height 8,5 cm.
Finish: metal
220 CZK
005UB Copy of a bronze bull; sample of art from the Bronze Age (1000 years BC), Býčí skála u Brna. Height 11.5 cm.
Finish: metal
840 CZK
006US Cast copy of an old Slavic cross (9th Century) from Mikulčice na Moravě, size 4cm; “The Falconer” pendant cast, St. Město u Uh. Hradiště, (9th Century) size 4cm.
Finish: metal
280 CZK