About us

The Jan Jelínek Company – Creative Applied Arts, was incorporated in 1991. We offer all types of art work, restorative and conservation work in the area of practical art in archaeology and anthropology. We specialize in reproducing exact three-dimensional casts of archaeological and anthropological finds, using the latest casting technology and materials. We also specialize in production of exhibition dioramas, where we fully collaborate with our world class experts in the above mentioned fields. Our company also creates zoological models (amphibians and reptiles), which are, just as the archaeological castings and other scientific reproductions, used as teaching aids.

The company employees are graduates of the College of Applied Arts in Brno and of the Pennsylvania University, Department of Anthropology, with specialization in producing castings of archaeological and anthropological finds. The high quality and professionalism of our work, has earned us satisfaction of customers at home and abroad.

Results of our endeavors are presented in numerous museum exhibitions and can be seen in exposition in the Czech Republic, (MZM Brno, the National Museum, Prague, the Kroměříž Regional Museum, OVM Kolín, OVM Šumperk, OVM Vsetín, MÚ Ivančice ) and abroad (The Slovak National Museum Antol, Museum of Mining in Banska Štiavnica, American Museum of Natural History, Michigan University, University of Seoul, Deutsches Historisches Museum Berlin, Landesmuseum Halle, both in Germany).